Cocomo Joe


Making a social media push

March 24, 2014 | Joe LaCroix

I must admit that I have failed miserably up until now with social media and my business.  I have been lost and confused about how to make it work.  Friends have told me I should use it more but I never saw how it could help the business until I heard firsthand from Ron Penna, CEO of Quest Nutrition, how they made Quest explode with social media, and we all know how big they are now.  when Ron told me about his experience with social media, it suddenly made sense.  Now I'm learning about wyas to prmote that will get attention so you will see a lot more blog posts and a lot more social media promotion coming from Cocomo Joe.  We are getting close to launching our paleo granolas, and with the joebars being raw, organinc, vegan, gluten-free and paleo, they will make a great pairing to offer to CrossFit athletes, endurance athletes, such as Spartan Races, etc.

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