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Farewell to my friend and Guinea Pig, Kay Millett

May 17, 2012 | Joe LaCroix

Today I want to say goodbye to my dear friend Kay who passed away May 3rd. She was the receptionist at Abbot Kinney Real Estate, the last place I worked as an agent before starting Cocomo Joe. Kay was a very cool lady in her 60's who loved that I rode and raced motorcycles, and she was the first person to taste anything I made, as I would go home and stay up late making new things and she would be the first person I would see the next morning.  She was the first person to taste my first batch of Granola, where I felt the first spark of a purpose when she smiled.  Every time I made anything, whether it be the first time or the hudredth time, she was always the first. She was my biggest cheerleader. Kay smoked and drank and cussed, and she made it look like it fit.  She did everything with style and good taste, and it transferred over to her lovely habits.  I never saw her eat, so I always wanted her to eat my stuff so she would have something in her stomach.  The first time I added Maca Root powder to the JOEBARs, I gave it to her and she exclaimed 'mother f-er' with approval.

When I heard of Kay's passing, I wasn't sad, as I believed it was what she wanted, when she wanted it.  Last week I went by the office to get some mail, and when I walked in, I noticed her absence.  Today I went there again and saw flowers and cards and pictures of her, and I missed her. Kay left room for another person to become amazing and fabulous.  We will miss her fabulosity.

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