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The CrossFit Games and Paleo Bars (JOEBAR)

July 06, 2012 | Joe LaCroix

 We will have a booth at the upcoming CrossFit Games July 13-15.  I look forward to this very much, as it allows me to spend three days talking about some of my favorite things; CrossFit and JOEBAR.  We will also have COCOMO CORN at the booth, since not everyone in CrossFit is strictly Paleo, and becuase the typical concession stand food is a far cry from anything we make at Cocomo Joe.  I may even take some of our organic Granolas since people love them as well.  I enjoy being around the people I've met through CrossFit, because they always have amazing attitudes.  You have to have a great attitude to do CrossFit, since it takes everything you have to give every time you do it.  I just seem to have a bit less to give than I did when I was the same age as most of the people I work out with, but I still give it all I've got.  For anyone who has never tried CrossFit, or the Paleo diet, I would suggest both, at least to try them out.  The reasons I suggest CrossFit would be many, such as the opportunity to test yourself, the opportunity to get into better condition, and balance your abilities, hence the name CrossFit, and the feeling of community you get when you are involved with them.  The reasons for trying the Paleo diet would be to remove processed foods from your diet, and in doing this, you realize how much and how often our diets contain processed and over-processed foods.  Removing grains from your diet, at least periodically, will give your body a rest, as will removing any food group.  You will notice if you stop eating meat, or bread, or any food group, you may lose some weight.  But the Paleo diet is more about removing processed foods from the diet, and since the first known humans were not farmers, but rather hunter-gatherers, that removes any foods from the menu that have to be cultivated.  You will see that this is a lot of what you normally eat without even thinking about it.  And in my opinion, you don't have to eat meat to eat Paleo, as I'm sure there were a lot of cave people who were not fast enough to catch an animal, so they were probably vegan by default.  JOEBAR is Paleo, but it is also, vegan, raw, and gluten-free, as well as organic (of course).

I'm excited about the CrossFit Games, as this will be an opportunity for thousands of CrossFitters from all over the world to see Cocomo Joe Granola, JOEBAR and COCOMO CORN, and then visit the site here and have us send it to them wherever they are.

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