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We're Making Headway into GNC Stores

July 07, 2012 | Joe LaCroix

 We seem to be making some headway into GNC stores.  We have stopped in on a few franchise stores and a few corporate stores and it seems they really like our products, especially the COCOMO CORN and JOEBARs.Some of their prople seem to be aware of the Paleo diet and of course they are aware of CrossFit since they're one of the sponsors of the CrossFit Games, which are just around the corner, next weekend, Juley 13-15.

Paleo is not a fid like many of the diets introduced in recent years.  It is a way of life and was a way of life and living when we were new here on the planet.  Unlike other diets that were created by modern man to either help people or just to make money, this is a way of life that was THE way of life in early Human times.

When comparing diets, I think that is all the difference that needs to be pointed out.

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