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Looking Forward to the CrossFit Games

July 11, 2012 | Joe LaCroix

 I'm excited to get to go to the CrossFit Games this year.  I went last year but I had just started working out at CrossFit and didn't know many people, and when I got there it was during a time when there were no workouts going on so I didn't habg around long.  I did go see a lot of vendors, and this year I will be one of them.  I love talking about our products because I believe in them, and I love talking about CrossFit for the same reason.  CrossFit has become such a phenomenon that I want to be part of, and JOEBAR is a way to do so, as it seems everyone involved with CrossFit loves them, due to their great taste and nutritional value, and the fact they are Paleo as well.

We go over tomorrow and get our tent set up and ready for Friday when the Games begin!

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