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Weekend at The Games

July 16, 2012 | Joe LaCroix

After spending a weekend at the CrossFit Games, I am first of all tired, but also inspired.  It's amazing how a community of people can come together for such a cool event.  I want to give a great big thanks to all my pals at Dogtown Crossfit who hung out and also helped with the booth this weekend.  Kris and Victoria Martinez, Chad and Sharon Robertson, April White, who ate as many samples as she gave away, and Suzanne Robinson as well.  I think she gave away more than she ate though.  And most of all, thanks so much to Sean Coonce and Mike Vacarella.  These guys were there the whole weekend.

The coolest thing about the whole thing was the fact I felt completely comfortable walking away from the booth whe I needed to, as I could see how everyone was so into promoting JOEBARs.  These were people helping for the sake of helping, and I walked away and left all the money with them, and never thought twice about it.  The people I have met through CrossFit have all been of the highest caliber when it comes to integrity.  You have to be when you're going to purposely subject yourself to the workouts.

A lot of the other friends from dogTown came by as well, and it felt really nice to hang with them and be able to offer them a chair and a little shade.  I am actually moving so I can be closer to DogTown CrossFit.  That says a lot about them.

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