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CrossFit's explosive growth

July 17, 2012 | Joe LaCroix

 I am amazed at the way CrossFit is growing, and at the same time I'm not.  I guess you would expect something so challenging that creates such a strong bond to grow, but you wouldn't expect it to grow so quickly.  I remember recently talking to someone and mentioning people at DogTown CrossFit where I train hanging out outside the gym, and the person asked "you guys hang out outside the gym?" like it was unheard of.  I guess at a lot of gyms it is unheard of, but CrossFit is not just any gym.  In all sports there are fans, but not many of the fans actually do the sport.  I am passionate about motorcycle racing because I ride motorcycles and have done a small amount of racing and a fair amount of riding on the track.  When you do what the best people do, and you know what average people are capable of, you get a much deeper respect for the ones who do it best.

At the Games this past weekend, I spoke with a lot of competitors that came by the booth, and when I asked how they did, their reply would be, fourteenth, or seventh, or whatever, but my response was always the same; I said "if you are here, and wearing that shirt (they had special shirts) you are amazing".  Some people have strength and some people have endurance, but when you look for people who have both, the field gets narrow.  These are people who are first of all gifted, and second very committed.  Without both, they would be wearing a different shirt.

They all believe in the Paleo diet, and I'm very fortunate to have all of them love JOEBAR, as it was never my intention to create a bar for CrossFitters, since I didn't know what CrossFit was when I created the bars.

By next year we will have a very busy booth at the Games.  It was busy this year and no one knew who we were.  So many people came by and said they were directed there by their friends.  That's how this community is.  If they like you, they share you with their friends.

I feel very lucky to be involved with them.

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