Cocomo Joe

About Us

Enjoy.  Eat less.  Chew your food.

After learning that many companies disguise their foods to make them appear healthy, it fueled the fire that now drives Cocomo Joe to be the absolute best in the organic foods industry. Everything made at Cocomo Joe Foods is made with the highest level of integrity, and we never sacrifice quality and healthfulness for taste. If we can’t make it good for you and delicious, we don’t make it. 

Our Mission, Our Philosophy, Our Vision                                                  

Our Mission. At Cocomo Joe we make the best tasting and highest quality organic foods available. We want people to spend money on good food now so they don’t have to spend money on doctors later. Nothing fun ever happens in a doctor’s office.

Our Philosophy. We believe food is life. Treat your body right by eating good food, and eating it mindfully. Eat slow. Chew your food. Love yourself. Be yourself. Through sharing our philosophy, if we can help people feel better and be happier, we will all be better off.  That's why on the back of some of our packages you will see...

How you feed yourself is as important as what you feed yourself.  Start with less than you want.  Take your time, chewing slowly and thoroughly.  Savor this food.   Savor this moment.  You will feel full while eating less. 

Our Vision. We see a time when people get back to basics and recognize how important good health is, and work from the inside out to improve their surroundings. We see a time when great health, and the love of family and friends, along with having a purpose, are all priorities in our lives