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Do You Have a Question for Joe? 

Q: Where did the name “Cocomo Joe” come from?

A: It was Joe’s family nickname as a child. He hated it.

Q: There are a lot of granola and coconut products on the market, what makes Cocomo Joe different?

A: The easy answer is; read our label. We use the highest quality organic ingredients. We don’t just make things sweet. They actually have flavor. And we make sure it’s both delicious and as healthy as possible. If we can’t achieve both we don’t make it.

Q: Some products have a higher fat content than I would expect. Can I eat Cocomo Joe if I’m trying to lose weight?

A: The fat in our Cocomo Joe products comes from coconut, which is one of the healthiest fats you can eat. Even though it’s saturated fat, this fat contains medium chain fatty acids and is loaded with Lauric Acid. These are exceptionally healthy for your heart, and they are a good source of quick and long lasting energy. This fat will also tell your body it has been fed so you won’t feel hungry even though you’re eating less like we asked you to do.

Q: I’m diabetic, and I need to watch my sugar intake. Can I eat Cocomo Joe?

A: Our Cocomo Corn and JoeBars are sweetened with Coconut products which have a low glycemic index of 35, and a much lower Fructose content than Agave Nectar. Ask your doctor, but the generally accepted safe glycemic index for persons with Diabetes is 55. The Granolas contain Sucanat, which is the rawest and purest form of cane sugar, but the index of Sucanat is higher, so even with the combined index of all the other ingredients, you will want to ask your doctor about this.

Q: Have a wheat allergy. Are Cocomo Joe products GLUTEN FREE?

A: Cocomo Corn and JoeBar both have no ingredients known to contain Gluten. Cocomo Joe Granolas contain oats, which do not contain Gluten but are processed in a facility that handles wheat, and cross-contamination is possible. If you are truly allergic to gluten and can’t tolerate it at all, it would not be worth risking it on the Granola. Almost worth it, because it’s so delicious, but not quite. So eat a JoeBar and go work out instead.

Q: What is Paleo?

A: Paleo is a reference to the Paleolithic period when the first Humans that we know of arrived on the scene. Some people believe that we as a species were meant to eat what was available to the first Humans. The Caveman was a hunter-gatherer, not a farmer. They had no processed foods, no grains, no dairy. They ate what they could pick or what they could catch. It may be safe to assume some were vegan Cavemen, as they may not always have had something available to catch.

Q: Are all your products vegan?

A: Yes. We like that we are available and acceptable to all people, as our products cross many boundaries. An omnivorous person will eat something vegan but not the other way around.

Q: Are all your products non-GMO?

A: Yes. We will never, ever, EVER use GMO ingredients in any of our products.

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